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Historical Food Walk in exotic Oslo

Historical Food Walk in exotic Oslo
Approx. 4 hours
From Tøyen to the city center



  • A historical and culinary city walk through Oslo's most diverse and innovative areas. Come hungry and curious!

    Travellers have come to live in Oslo for a thousand years, and this past century, they have come from all corners of the world. This has formed the city and made it what it is today, especially by influencing the architecture and the food.

    This walk starts at Tøyen and goes through Grønland to the city center, with stops along the way to look, talk, and of course, taste. The food is sometimes enjoyed standing, sometimes seated at a table. The food stops are carefully selected to take you on a journey to exotic countries, right here in Oslo!

    Guiding and food is included. The culinary city walks are lead by authorised Oslo guides.

    An exciting combination of flavours and city history.

    Duration: Approximately 4 hours