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Culinary days in and around Trondheim

Historisk matvandring i Trondheim

Experience Norway's culinary capital Trondheim, and Stjørdalsføret with its many local food producers! With the world's best seafood from ice clear fjords, meat and game from towering mountain areas and dewy vegetables from the farmland, Trøndelag is truly Norway's pantry. We are going on a historical food walk in Trondheim, then on to Stjørdalsføret to meet the creative and talented people who run the beautiful farms in the area. There will also be a trip to the chocolate factory in the land of happiness Selbu…



  • Day 1

    We meet up after breakfast for By K's self-produced historical food walk through Trondheim. This walk goes through the city's charming roads that have crisscrossed the town since the Middle Ages. We stop at the venerable Stiftsgården, we stroll through the old working-class district of Bakklandet, experience the Nidelven river and Den Gamle Bybro bridge. Of course we stop at the magnificent Nidaros Cathedral and the Archbishop's Palace - and along the way, our knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide will let us taste delicious, local delicacies. After the hike, you have time on your own before we meet for dinner at a local restaurant in the evening.

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  • Day 2

    We check out after breakfast and leave the big city for Stjørdalsføret and more rural surroundings. Stjørdalsføret, which is a half-hour drive north of Trondheim may be overshadowed by several more well-known local food destinations in Norway, but here there are hidden food treasures like pearls on a string, that are really worth a visit. We will meet committed local food producers who have joined forces in a regional collaboration under the name "Auk".

    At Kilnes farm we meet Karoline and Odd Magne Storflor. This is a traditional farm, in the sense that it produces dairy, meat, grains and timber. We get a tour of the milking parlor, with a presentation of new and innovative dairy products. Then we are served freshly baked waffles and coffee, while listening to the farm’s history. Next stop is Øfsti Vestre where we get a tour and visit Oddrun Øfsti Brandsæter's studio with an exhibition of his own paintings. We also get to greet the farm's mohair goats and learn about their wool.

    We spend the night at Ersgard with the hosts Grete Sørebø and Stein Sakshaug. Grete is central to "Auk" and has a lot of knowledge about the history and development of the area that she loves to pass on.

    The meals are important at Ersgard. The ingredients come from the producers in Auk or are as short traveled as possible. For lunch we top our own pizza which we bake in the fantastic wood stove on the farm. Later we head over to the neighboring farm Ydsti to pick the vegetables we will be served for dinner.

    In the afternoon we visit Marit Lianes and Arne Stene at Øfsti Gård. The farm is deeply committed to breeding local, historic livestock, and has gray Trønder sheep and Trønder cattle that graze the cultural landscape around the farm. We get a tour of the farm, and are served a cup of coffee and some sweet and cured snacks in the farm café. And of course we have time to stop by the beautiful Stabbur shop that sells leather, wool, yarn, food and charming gifts. If the weather allows it, we walk two kilometers in a beautiful cultural landscape back to Ersgard where we eventually have a banquet dinner in Storstuggu.

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  • Day 3

    Today we get to work up a breakfast appetite, which is a good thing. After just a cup of fresh coffee or tea and some biscuits, we walk along the Stjørdal river to Eidum Gårdsbakeri. Entrepreneur and baker Solvår serves up a breakfast buffet with freshly baked goodies from the bakery. After the delicious meal we are picked up by bus and drive back to the farm, where we collect our luggage and say goodbye to Grete and Stein at Ersgard.

    We drive through lush cultural landscape on the way to the land of happiness Selbu, and to the chocolate factory Jentene på tunet. Founder Iris Martinsen Aune and her girls, together with business developer Eivind Aune have had great success with their chocolate. They have just invested millions in a new factory and we hear how the adventure began. It was their Northern Lights chocolate Prime Minister Erna Solberg brought with her as a gift on a state visit to Japan. And of course there will be chocolate tasting, opportunities to shop, and a simple lunch in the café before leaving for Trondheim.

    The journey's program has ended, and you now have several choices. If you want to travel by train, boat or plane, just let us know, and we will help you book tickets. Ask us for more information!